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Timeline of the Life of Rasūlullah and his Khulafāh ar-Rashidūn Free PDF for all. Permited for all commercial and non-commercial purposes without modification or editing.

This is an 8ft x 3ft comprehensive timeline of the Life of the Prophet ﷺ and the Righteous Khulafah that followed his way. It also includes a brief glimpse of the noble character of Rasūlullah ﷺ and our duties towards him.

The following text books were used for the historical information:

Our heartfelt thanks to all the brothers and sisters who helped out in the fruition of this project. Please share this with your friends and family and if anyone wants to provide any feedback they can do so in the email address provided in the poster.

The PDF is very high-quality so that you may take it to a banner printer and have it printed. For best and long-lasting results we advise printing on vinyl. This banner would be an ideal addition to your Masjid or School walls

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One of our sisters who runs a print shop has kindly volunteered to be a supplier for printed copies of the banner for those of you who live in the GTA area. They can be either Picked-Up in Brampton or shipped within the GTA (extra).

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